Premium gin of the London Dry Gin type.
Alcohol Content:
37.5% Alc. /Vol

Gin made from high-quality English grain subjected to a triple distillation process. Cubical Kiss is born from the combination of the eleven botanicals in the Premium version (juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, orris root, liquorice root, cassia, almond peel, sweet orange, and Buddha’s hand) with various forest fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The latter ones give the gin its characteristic pink colour.

Tasting notes:


Very aromatic gin, light and dry on the nose. Soft and vibrant on the palate, as a result of the mix between botanicals and the flavourful added berries that characterise this gin.

Serving Suggestion:


In addition to the traditional tonic combination, Cubical Kiss can also be enjoyed with refreshing beverages.

Cubical Kiss
Cubical Kiss

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